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One of the biggest challenges that hospitality venues face is the need to adapt to the changing needs of customers while simultaneously ensuring operational efficiency. This is where QR table ordering comes in.

QR table ordering is a revolutionary technology that enables customers to place orders directly from their mobile devices by scanning a QR code located on the table. This technology has been gaining popularity across the globe due to its numerous benefits to both restaurant owners and customers alike.

For restaurant owners, QR table ordering presents a unique opportunity to increase revenue and improve service delivery efficiency. By allowing customers to order directly from their mobile devices, venues can reduce the time and resources needed to serve customers. This means that they can serve more customers in a shorter period of time, resulting in increased revenue.

Additionally, QR table ordering reduces the need for staff, which is especially important given the current post-COVID staffing issues facing the hospitality industry in Australia. With fewer staff members needed to take orders, restaurant owners can reduce their labour costs while still providing high-quality service.

Key Features of QR Table Ordering

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VenueSmart is here to help you serve up an unforgettable customer experience that increases efficiencies and grows your business.

We talk about creating better customer experiences a lot, so let’s go to wizarding school for a crash course on what that looks like.

  • Browse – Guests scan a QR code or visit your site to browse a menu filled with professional photography and intuitive categories.
  • Order – No more hand waving – guests order to table, their home or for pickup. All they need is a smartphone and an appetite.
  • Pay – Get the bread without worrying about the transactional experience. Features like intuitive tipping and multiple payment methods make bill time easy.
  • Repeat – Guests can seamlessly reorder drinks, dishes and rounds. We’ll even remember their faves for next time and entice them back for more.

Guests aren’t the only ones who benefit from better service. You and your team will love having smoother processes. For more information, visit mryum.com.

  • Less time on admin – Focus on hospitality and showing guests a good time rather than processing orders and bills.
  • Increase efficiencies – QR Ordering adds to your team without replacing anyone and helps you operate at a higher level.
  • Grow tip sizes – Your staff will love the increase in average tip sizes and be rewarded for their hard work.
  • Smart features – Kitchen and bar staff benefit from order batching and instant menu updates to avoid getting slammed.
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How it Works

Customers tap the beacon or scan the QR code to see your menu on their own device
They order & securely pay within a few steps
Orders go straight to the kitchen or docket printer, at the right time
Your team delivers the food and drinks to the table

Benefits of QR Ordering

  • Increase profitability with lower staff costs and a scalable service model
  • Customers order drinks and food instantly on their own devices, with no flagging wait staf
  • Streamlines staff bottlenecks and solves staffing issues
  • No need for an available POS or EFTPOS terminal
  • Customers have easy and immediate access to digital menus, food customisations and dietary requirements
  • Customers pay the bill as soon as they are ready and receive a digital receipt, splitting the bill is a breeze
  • Fast and easy system setup in days, not weeks, with our free white glove onboarding service, plus 24/7 ongoing support

Improve Your Business With Table Ordering

Control your customer experience and easily design the way your menu is displayed. Add your logo, colours, and style along with prompts, upsells, and promotions. Rest assured we assist you with the creation of your custom menu design making use of the latest in Optical Character Recognition.

With a tap of a beacon or scan of a QR code customers quickly pull up your delicious menu from their table, order, and pay in a few steps sending their choice straight to your kitchen display system or docket printer. Increase total table revenue by over 25% with instant ordering, no waiting, and smart, data-driven promotions, upsells, combos, and more.

Customers can easily split and pay in a few quick steps. Accepting one-tap payments through apple pay and google play, and all major credit and debit cards, customer details are securely stored for future use and even faster checkout.

Improve Your Business With Table Ordering

food - order and pay
  • Product availability control
  • Support for meal periods (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Scheduled products
  • Scheduled surcharges (eg public holidays)
  • Supports products, extras, and combos
  • Supports multiple sizes
  • Advertise promotions
  • Update in real-time
  • Hide products
  • 18+ age verification for the sale of alcohol

Contact Venue Smart on 1300 483 683 to discuss or book a demonstration. This can be done from the comfort of your office or home via Zoom or in-person by one of our trained professionals.

We look forward to discussing the benefits of personalizing and streamlining your business, providing a marketing advantage in this changing world of hospitality.

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