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Recent figures suggest that around one in five Australians own some form of cryptocurrency. The number of merchants that accept crypto payments is still relatively small, which means a merchant that offers the facility to pay for goods or services using any digital currency captures a relatively untapped market.

Crypto payment integration for merchants

Cyptocurrency Payment Integration for Merchants in Australia

Venue Smart‘s crypto payment integration facilitates the processing of selected digital currencies alongside transactions that are conducted using AUD. The result is that people who choose to pay with their crypto wallets have access to the same ease of payment as a traditional card user. We provide our crypto payment acceptance services across all major regions in Australia such as South East Queensland, North Queensland, Victoria, Central Coast New South Wales, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin.

For merchants, integrating digital currency payment options ensures synchronicity with their current POS and accounting platforms – when it comes to managing an inventory, for example, sales made using cryptocurrency will be deducted from a virtual inventory in the same way as card transactions.

Sophisticated integration enables digital currency to be a viable payment method. Rather than a parallel system with separate parameters and constraints, a cryptocurrency payment gateway enables all electronic transactions to be recorded in the same way.

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Over-the-Counter Crypto Equipment

Crypto payment acceptance has been around Australia for a while, but until recently they were largely confined to the digital environment. Over-the-counter (OTC) crypto uses fresh technology to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions at the POS.

In an OTC transaction, the payment passes directly from buyer to seller, without using a cryptocurrency exchange. This negates the risk of slippage, ensuring the payment value remains as it reaches the merchant.

For merchants, this transaction is a safe, secure, and reliable way of accepting crypto payments from customers. This low-risk option is perfect for merchants looking to expand how their customers pay for their goods whilst they safely liquidate their digital currency.

By providing a secure OTC crypto payment method, Australian merchants across a range of industries such as real estate, retail, and financial services, may capture previously untapped business opportunities.

Crypto payment gateways & integration

HAYVN Pay Crypto Payment Gateway Integration

Venue Smart is proud to be working with HAYVN, the global institutional digital currency platform with the HAYVN Pay cryptocurrency payment solution.

HAYVN Pay’s payment gateway enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for goods & services.

They deliver the technology, liquidity, and execution capabilities to process cryptocurrency payments and allow our Australian merchants and cashiers to provide a unique cryptocurrency payment solution.

One of the easiest ways of processing digital currency is to integrate a payment gateway that can fuse seamlessly with your existing software. Venue Smart’s crypto payment gateway allows merchants to keep up with the demand for digital currency payment options from their customers.

Frank Vorster, CEO Venue Smart, “we are excited about the partnership with Hayvn Pay. This partnership will bring with it the ability for both local customers and international tourists to make payment simply and quickly for goods and services within Australia. With the added flexibility of merchants accepting payment in Cryptocurrency, 50/50 or Australian fiat currency at an unbeatable rate we are sure to make a splash. Currently we have thousands of merchants waiting for full implementation in the coming weeks. Our excitement resides in being the first to market with an unbeatable product backed by our renowned service.”

Venue Smart prides itself on being payment specialists. Their specialty is getting to know their client’s business and helping to restructure and replace their existing payment solutions. Venue Smarts’ goal is to drive efficiencies through automation, reduce payment-related overheads, including but not limited to; staff numbers, reconciliation times, and default payments, and also by reducing gateway processing costs.

We proudly represent the world’s largest payment gateway within Australia.

Reliable Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration

The HAYVN platform provides secure OTC trading and custody capabilities, enabling customers to liquidate their digital currency simply, safely and efficiently. Breaking through the complexity of digital currency trading and custody, HAYVN provides unprecedented levels of transparency, security, compliance, and best execution practices, bringing unique trading opportunities to our clients and the Australian markets in which we operate.

Competitively priced and easy to incorporate with other systems, our cryptocurrency integration services are designed to offer optimal security, protecting both customers and merchants from any possible data breach. You can also personalise your integrated payment options, offering incentives and rewards that add value for customers choosing to pay with their digital currency.

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