About Us – Venue Smart

About Us – Venue Smart

Venue Smart is a national network of consultants that help venue owners and managers either save money or add revenue streams to their events or venues. Each solution is geared towards maximizing the efficiency and profitability of the business itself. Our consultants are not sales representatives, they are business owners. Venue Smart and its 124 representatives understand the pressure businesses feel covering expenses such as rent and wages, so our network looks to partner with our customers in such a way to alleviate the stress imposed upon the business owners.

Fundamentally, each member is trained in both the theory and technical aspects of operating their business and equipment. Each member has an invested interest in their venue solution equipment operating at 100% efficiency otherwise they too are not making money.

Venue Smart’s attention to detail and access to one of the country’s largest on-ground service networks has allowed Venue Smart to become one of the largest ATM, breathalyser and EFTPOS distribution networks in Australia.

Venue Smart originally began as a wall-mounted breath-testing machine manufacturer and distribution company. Our network of customers quickly asked by our representatives to provide additional services. These services have increased to include, but are not limited to;

  • ATMs (static & event trailers),
  • Phone Charging Stations,
  • POS Systems,
  • Amusement Machines,
  • Breathalysers,
  • EFTPOS Terminals,
  • Security Camera Equipment – Supply & Installation, and
  • Coffee, and so much more.

With the above in mind there is no surprise why Venue Smart has become as popular as it is. Aside from our unbeatable service the main reason venues use Venue Smart is the mutual benefit our relationship represents. Our members and our customers (the venues) take advantage of our buying power and our ability to bundle products and services together. Venue Smart are competitive enough to directly compete with any company in any given industry, but no direct competitor can compete with our member’s ability to cater for our customer’s needs across multiple industries.