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Venue Smart prides itself on being payment acceptance specialists!

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Our specialty is getting to know our client’s business and helping to restructure and replace their existing payment solutions. Our ultimate goal is to drive efficiencies through automation, reduce payment related overheads, including but not limited to; staff numbers, reconciliation times and default payments but also by reducing gateway processing costs. We do this by tailoring solutions to meet the needs of the organization whilst other companies try to make organizations wrap around their “one size fits all” option.

We represent the world’s largest payment gateway here in Australia. Our acquirer processes more Visa and Mastercard transactions than anyone else globally. This acquirer holds more than 40% of the US market and transacts over 12,000 transactions globally per second.

Our Combined Strengths Reside In;

Outside of our relationship with this acquirer we have launched into Australia the world’s first gateway which can instantly liquidate Digital Currencies like Bitcoin. So businesses here in Australia, and globally, can start accepting Crypto Currency payments. The merchant can receive their settlement in Digital Currency directly into their electronic wallet, 50/50 or in Australian fiat currency – instantly. This includes transactions through POS, ATMs and Virtual Terminals.

We can also cater for any ATM equipment and servicing requirements. We import container loads of machines directly from the USA and have a national network of technicians and cashing agents servicing our fleet.


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Venue Smart is nationwide, reliable and trusted!

  • Trust a local for reliable and fast support
  • 65 territories covered
  • 160+ trusted professionals
  • In-depth knowledge and skill
  • Multiple payment solutions from one provider
  • Fair and honest relationships
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