Pub Breathalysers

Our breathalysers make use of fuel-cell sensor technology. This is the same type of sensor used by most law enforcement devices. This allows for the highest level of accuracy when a patron self-tests their BAC.

Venue Benefits

  • Patron Safety – Protect patrons from judgement errors that lead to lost licenses, jobs or potentially lives.
  • Revenue Sharing – Be rewarded for going above and beyond your RSA obligations. KBYG shares coin revenue.
  • Hassle Free – No maintenance required and absolutely no liability. All covered by Venue Smart.

Our Breathalyser 

A highly accurate, coin operated breathalyser designed for licensed venues. 


Our breathalysers use electrochemical fuel sensors for assessing blood alcohol content. This is the same technology as law enforcement devices, providing an accuracy of +/- 0.006 at 0.100%BAC.


Our breathalysers are steel cased and designed to prevent both physical and liquid damage.

  • Width : 770mm
  • Height : 430mm
  • Diameter : 140mm
  • Weight : 15.7kg
  • Mouthpieces: Generic drinking straws
  • Coin Operation: $2/breath analysis


Our unit provides an exact BAC reading to 3 decimal places, as well as an easy read display: 

  • Green: <0.02% BAC
  • Yellow: 0.02-0.04% BAC
  • Red: >0.05% BAC

BAC limits can be capped at 0.08% BAC to prevent missuse of the unit (e.g. seeing who can get the highest reading).

Each unit also has a 19″ media screen to display responsible drinking messages, and/or in house events and promotions.


The KBYG legal team has researched relevant Australian cases, applicable laws and trends overseas to design legal protection for; 1) the venue, 2) KBYG and 3) the manufacturer. The service is offered as a ‘courtesy’ to patrons, taking reasonable steps to deter drink driving, this does not make the venue, KBYG or manufacturer ‘responsible’ for patron behavior. A simple disclaimer has been developed and will be placed above the unit as follows:

“Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this machine, Know Before You Go, its affiliates and agents, the manufacturer of this machine and the owner/management of this establishment, cannot guarantee the accuracy of individual results and are not responsible for any act or event the user may produce after their test. The user is solely responsible for their acts and for monitoring their alcohol consumption. Be aware that even if your test result if below 0.05% BAC, you may still be too impaired to drive legally. Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) may increase or decrease after this test based on your rate and time of alcohol consumption. It is recommended that the user test again to see the change in your BAC.”

Suitable locations include:

  • Kebab shops
  • Pubs, clubs & taverns
  • Convenience stores
  • Gaming venues
  • Restaurants
  • Events

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