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With 73% of in-person payments in Australia in 2021 made electronically, the benefits of an EFTPOS card machine for Australian businesses can’t be overstated.

Whether you’re an existing small business or are just starting out on a new venture, an EFTPOS card machine is an invaluable asset that you don’t want to miss out on. In this blog, we outline the benefits of EFTPOS machines for small Australian businesses and provide insights into the best options on the market.

EFTPOS, or Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale, allows businesses to process digital payments from credit and debit cards, as well as transactions from the likes of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The business may incur a small fee per transaction when using an EFTPOS machine, however, the benefits often outweigh the costs when it comes to this payment method.

What Are The Benefits Of An EFTPOS Machine For Australian Small Businesses?

Speedy Transactions

Handling cash can be time-consuming, especially when you’re presented with a load of loose change! An EFTPOS machine speeds up transaction times, as all customers need to do is tap or insert their card into the reader to make a payment.

This creates a smoother customer experience and can be instrumental in minimising queues during busy periods.

Increased Security

Not only does EFTPOS prevent you from having cash stored on your property, but it also eliminates the risk of taking fake AUD as payment. Without your takings being physically stored in a till or safe, thieves are unable to access your finances, keeping your business secure.

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

With fewer Australians carrying cash, you risk isolating potential customers when you don’t accept card payments.

With an EFTPOS machine, you can easily accept payments from multiple digital sources, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. This maximises your pool of potential customers and can significantly boost sales for your business.

Provides Proof Of Payment

EFTPOS provides customers with proof of payment, typically in the form of a physical receipt, or a digital confirmation that can be sent directly to their email inbox. As well as this, the payment will be visible on the customer’s bank statement, so they can easily keep a record of their spending.

Proof of digital payment also prevents business owners from dealing with discrepancies in their tills and confusion when it comes to change, so helps your working day to run smoother.

Portable Options

Advancements in EFTPOS technology mean that portable card machines are now available to Australian businesses. Ideal for those that travel to various fairs or festivals, as well as any business wishing to tidy up its front counter of wires, portable card readers make digital transactions easier than ever.

The Best Eftpos Machines For Small Australian Businesses

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here are the best EFTPOS machines for small businesses currently on the market.

Best Portable EFTPOS Machine

Ingenico Axium EX6000

Powered by Android 10, the Axium EX6000 is the perfect pocket-sized solution for portable card payments. Providing unrivaled digital security and optimised performance speed, this is the best choice for any business operating on the go.

Key Features

  • Optimised for 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi & GPRS
  • Ergonomic 5″ touchscreen interface
  • Long-lasting battery life to support all-day usage
  • High-speed processing and up to 2GB of RAM
  • Supports chip & pin, contactless, digital wallet and QR payments
  • App store optimised for complete business support

Best Countertop Chip & Pin EFTPOS Machine


For a traditional countertop chip and pin machine with next-generation features, opt for the PAX Q25. Connecting to any cash register or terminal, the PAX Q25 is equipped with an upgraded Smart PINpad and hardened glass display. With an optional pole stand, this EFTPOS machine is well suited to any retailer with a physical base.

Key Features

  • WiFi or ethernet connection
  • Accepts chip & pin, contactless and magstripe payments
  • 2.8-inch LCD display touchscreen
  • Durable casing
  • Cortex A7 processor
  • Optional 3MP front camera

Best Smartphone EFTPOS Solution

Ingenico Moby/Tap

Delivering excellent customer service has never been easier than with Ingenico’s Moby/Tap EFTPOS smartphone solution. Simply download the software onto your device to turn it into a contactless payment terminal.

Available for any phone or tablet with built-in NFC functionality, Moby/Tap is ideal for any up-and-coming business looking to turn away from cash payments.

Key Features

  • Quick & easy set-up
  • Portable payments
  • No need to carry an additional device
  • Endpoint and back-end threat detection for optimum security
  • Accepts multiple contactless payment methods
  • Great starter model for small businesses

Best All-Rounder EFTPOS Machine

PAX D177 Compact Linux MiniPOS

This compact device boasts all the key features that an emerging Australian business needs to provide streamlined card payment technology to its customers. Weighing just 100g, the D177 is ideal for on-to-go businesses or any store looking for a sleek EFTPOS with a modern aesthetic.

Key Features

  • Accepts chip & pin, contactless and magnetic strip payments
  • Connects via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Supports e-signatures
  • Durable battery life
  • Ideal for businesses across multiple industries

Discover The Power Of EFTPOS Today

EFTPOS is the future of payments in Australia and beyond. At Venue Smart, we are the EFTPOS terminal providers Australian business owners can rely on for powerful devices and streamlined services. With over 3700 devices to choose from, we can provide your small business with the EFTPOS machine to suit your unique requirements.

From portable devices to countertop terminals, choose from a range of optimised devices at competitive prices. To find out more, contact our team today.