E-commerce Done Right!

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It’s also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce.

Venue Smart can provide you with a payment gateway that will save your clients a considerable amount of money on purchases made through their online store. Our payment gateway is powered by one of the largest international providers. More than one million websites worldwide use our solution to process their online transactions.

Venue Smart, unlike our competition, charge fair and reasonable rates for the processing of transactions. More expensive alternatives include PayPal, Stripe and Square solutions.

We typically see the following rates from our competition;

  • Stripe                    $0.30 + 1.90%
  • PayPal                   $0.30 + 2.75%
  • Square                  $0.30 + 2.20%

As a web developer you are welcome to mark up the cost of all transactions as you see fit. As you have a considerable understanding as to the current cost to your customers you are in the best position to decide their rate.

With our solution you are able to pass on the full fee to the customer or have the merchant pay the fee. This is a decision that can be made by the merchant.

These are really simple / out of the box solutions for merchants that need to take payments

  • Over the phone
  • Invoice payments
  • Take regular recurring transactions

Supported Shopping Cart Plugins:

Plugins Development completed plugin versions
Woo Commerce 4.3 (WordPress 5.4)
Open Cart v2
Open Cart v3
Magento v1
Magento v2 2.1.X,2.2.X,2.3.X
Joomla 3.9.5 ( Virtuemart 3.4)
Zencart 1.5.6
Drupal 7.6.6

Gateway API

Should you not be making use of a platform mentioned above then we can provide you with an API which will allow you to integrate a payment solution to your existing website.

Where to from here?

Request a sandbox instance and start getting familiar with our plugins.