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Venue Smart is Australia’s favorite complete venue solutions provider. We have partnered with the very best suppliers in every industry to bring you unbeatable knowledge back by the industry’s best and most respected support system. This is why we have become so popular among venues mangers & owners.

The benefit of course in dealing with a single complete supplier is our ability to bundle products and services into packages that no one can beat. Our members are already on site servicing equipment or training staff and so to add another product or service into the mix costs us nowhere near as much as it does another company.

Our consultants are trained to group like products together to build customer loyalty, increase foot-traffic whilst ensuring that the venue’s bottom-line is improved.

Most of Venue Smart’s products and services are provided free of charge to venues/businesses. Our products and services range includes, but is not limited to;

  • ATMs (static & event trailers),
  • Phone Charging Stations,
  • POS Systems,
  • Amusement Machines,
  • Breathalysers,
  • EFTPOS Terminals,
  • Telecommunication Packages,
  • Security Camera Equipment & Supply,
  • Coffee, and so much more.

All of our equipment is tested for and compliant against all relevant standards meaning you can be rest-assured that the equipment is reliable and suitable for use as marketed in the relevant locations.

Where the equipment is provided to you at no charge and you can have one of our members services the equipment for you. In these situations you earn a % of the revenue generated by the equipment as a form of rental payment to your establishment. In other cases product may be purchased outright and then on-sold through your venue. 

Venues Mangers & Owners:

For a free no obligation consultation contact us today by email or phone please contact us on or 1300 4 VENUE respectivelyOne of our well-trained and experienced consultants will visit you on-site to work with you to identify the perfect solutions for your venue. 


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