Venue Smart – USA

We would like to welcome our USA representatives Just Blow It to the Venue Smart family! Our expansion into the USA is something we have been looking forward to for quite some time. Similar to our expansion in Australia and New Zealand we will be looking to leverage our incredible breathalysers. We are proud to have our first USA – Venue Smart office.

This has been an interesting landscape in the USA for quite some time. With a narrow focus on one industry it is tough to make an absolute success with things – without an established network or experience in Hospitality. Our USA team Seb and Vivi have both. Their partnership has lead to them securing sites already and their equipment has not even arrived.Β Their offices are based in Hollywood and this will be their very first focus.

It is our intention to further cement our expansion in the USA with additional products and services in a similar fashion to our evolutionary path in Australia. The next cornerstone product being the Chargesafe.

For now we continue to instill our experience and knowledge in this formidable team and look forward to sharing with you their successes as time goes by. Welcome Seb and Vivi – we are proud and excited to have you on board!