Territories Available

Venue Smart’s team comprises of members from around the country and around the world. Each member has joined with the understanding that collaboration is key. Members are encouraged to work together and secure accounts, manage equipment and train one another to succeed. This is the fundamental driver to our success.

Members are not required to have sales experience or experience within the hospitality industry before getting started. Instead our team of professionals are well equipped to train everyone to become experts in each individual category.

Aside from having state offices – designed to give members support – Venue Smart’s suppliers keep in regular contact with members to ensure they are provided with all the support systems they require.

Getting started is simple. Inquire by sending an email to info@venuesmart.co . Someone will get in touch either by phone or by email with more information. This information includes a complete investors pack.

Once a part of the team we assist with strategy implementation, provide you with a back-end training portal, sales and technical training, business cards and email address. For more information please visit our ‘become a distributor‘ page.

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