Venue Smart cater for both the outright purchase of wall mounted breathalysers as well as the mounting and servicing of these units. With this in mind the below policy relates only to the online purchase of Venue Smart products. For the details relating to other services provided please contact your local Venue Smart Master Distributor.


Venue Smart will deliver anywhere internationally.

Where there is a Master Distributor appointed the goods will be shipped from their logistics base. If there is no Master Distributor appointed in the customer’s country (or stocks are too low to supply the order) then the goods will be shipped directly from our manufacturing facility. In this instance you must allow up to two weeks for delivery.

You may wish to confirm the presence of a master distributor or stock levels prior to placing your order. You can do so by emailing head office on info@blowngo.com.au . All Venue Smart appointed Master Distributors will attempt to ensure that there is always stock on hand to supply orders.

A complete street address or a P.O. Box is required for shipping. Ensure that you provide your contact phone number and / or email address so that a representative may confirm your delivery address should they believe it is incomplete.


All deliveries are made by the Venue Smart Master Distributor’s chosen carrier. Venue Smart representatives shall aim to dispatch orders on the same day orders are received. If orders are placed after the nominated carrier’s last pick up time then the goods may only be dispatched the following day.

As detailed above Venue Smart may require two weeks to supply your order should stock levels, held by the master distributor, be below that of your requirements.

  • Should 2-4 working days for delivery to a capital city in any State;
  • 3-6 working days for delivery to most large regional towns; and
  • 7-14 working days for delivery to other remote locations.
  • During peak periods (Easter and Xmas), the delivery may take up to 14 working days.

Note, the above that these delivery times are estimates only, and actual delivery times may vary. Large items (such as wall mounted breathalysers) require extra handling and may take longer to transport.

We are not responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Please ensure that your requested delivery location is free from obstructions and is otherwise in a clean and tidy state to prevent any delivery delays. At the time of delivery, you will be asked to sign a form to acknowledge that the goods were delivered in good and proper condition. Where you have requested that a representative accept delivery of the goods on your behalf, this delivery acknowledgment will be obtained by the supplier from your representative. Please note that the supplier is under strict instructions to only deliver and obtain delivery confirmation from you personally unless you agree to other arrangements with the supplier.


All prices shown on this website include standard shipping. For alternative freight options please contact your Master Distributor or Venue Smart Head Office.


All prices shown on this website include standard shipping. For alternative freight options please contact your Master Distributor or Venue Smart Head Office.

Unfortunately Breathalyser Sales & Service and its carriers are unable to provide an estimate of the delivery time. If you are unsure if you will be available at the delivery address during the delivery hours, we recommend nominating a work address or address of a family member who will be present during the delivery hours. In the instance someone is not able to sign for your delivery, Breathalyser Sales & Service carrier will leave a card. If delivered by Australia Post you will need to collect your delivery from the closest Post Office. Any other carrier you will need to contact them directly to make alternative delivery arrangements, which may include a re-delivery fee charged by Breathalyser Sales & Service if re-delivery is required.

Please note that risk for loss or damaged product passes to the customer upon delivery of the product(s) by the courier.


If your delivery has not arrived, please contact our sales team. Although your shipping option may not have tracking available we will do our best to assist you in finding a resolution.

Contact our friendly Master Distributors prior to returning a product. The product may not be suitable for return if the product has been opened, is damaged or used. Contact with the Master Distributor must be within 30 days of receipt of goods.

All returns will incur a 20% restocking fee and all return shipping costs must be covered by the returnee.

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