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Our national network of members have taken their expertise from improving in-venue ATM services and have re-invented the ATM event trailer. Venue Smart’s event trailer provides your event patrons with state of the art Triton Argo ATMs, phone charging stations (optional) and ultra reliable and accurate breath-testing equipment (optional). Venue Smart brings these products and services together to provide a reliable and affordable option to cater for your event requirements – regardless of the size.

Venue Smart ATM Network

Venue Smart’s event trailer comes standard with two ATMs. Where events require additional ATMs, Venue Smart ensure a number of trailers are made available to meet your event’s needs. Lets face it – there is nothing worse for businesses at your event than having customers tied up in ATM queues, not spending money and a pet hate for any event patron is having to spend ages searching for and waiting in line for cash. Venue Smart are remembered for being the perfect solution whilst providing solutions to many other common problems encountered.

Why have a Venue Smart trailer at your event:

  • Reducing queues – freeing up event patrons to engage in the event
  • Increase event patron satisfaction
  • Independent stand operators can charge cash (EFTPOS terminal fees cost too much for most operators)
  • Keep event patrons within the event (not leaving to withdraw cash)
  • Provide event patrons with expected services (as is provided by other organisers)
  • Increase event patron spending
  • Give event patrons access to reliable and accurate breathalysers
  • Phone charging stations allow event patrons to capture event highlights
  • Prompt and reliable service
  • Option to self-cash or have the trailer cashed for you
  • Twin cassette machines ensuring both $20 and $50 notes
  • Readily available machine technician

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Venue Smart can service your event:

  • Festivals
  • Carnivals
  • School Fetes
  • Markets
  • Major events

Venue Smart make available adequate signage at your event to ensure event patrons know exactly where they can withdraw cash. This speeds up the process and does not tie down event managers or staff. Typically, ATM trailers are distributed around the grounds to ensure event patrons do not have to walk too far or out of the way to withdraw funds.

Venue Smart distributors are trained baristas who may be available to man a coffee stall next to the event trailer. If there is not already a fresh coffee provider at the event we encourage you to take advantage of this additional service aimed at keeping event patrons at your event.

Interested in starting your very own Venue Smart event trailer? We can help you get started. Our comprehensive packages and ongoing support make getting started very simple. The first step is to make contact with us for more information so we can demonstrate just how easy it can be.

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