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Telco Solutions

The Telephone is often your first point of contact with new customers and a medium through which a significant proportion of your business relationships are conducted. Maximizing its effectiveness requires solid planning and an understanding of your business, its processes and future plans.

The process is very simple. Provide us with a copy of your telco / power bills and let us do the rest for you. Ensuring you have the absolute best telecommunications / power arrangements can make a significant difference to your business. In some instances Venue Smart have saved $1,000s of every month for all types of businesses in every industry.

Switching provider does not interrupt your service or reduce the amount of service you receive – in fact you benefit from receiving assistance from a one-on-one account manager and 24/7 tech support.


Optus Business will keep your business communications running smoothly and efficiently. Your local Optus Business Specialist will set you up with everything you need – from office and mobile phones to broadband connections and secure intranets linking your employees, all on one competitive, simple, no-surprises plan. Join our thousands of long standing clients across the nation, from every industry – solo ventures to multinational corporations to government bodies. We’re here for you, today and for the long term.


We’ve got everything to get your business moving. Optus Business has competitive mobile plans for your small team or big fleet, as well as the latest gadgets – mobile phones, tablets and laptops.


Optus Business offers the latest PABX office phone systems, providing advanced call handling solutions for businesses of all sizes, which scale as your business changes. We’ll keep you connected on our trusted PSTN copper lines, and introduce you to digital voice quality with a reliable digital network.


Data requirements differ for every business. Whether you need first class security, national network sharing between teams, a data plan that grows (but doesn’t explode) with your usage… we can do that for you. Optus products can be bundled together to simplify billing and get you the best return on investment.


For businesses that need data on the go, Optus Business offers a range of mobile broadband plans to suit any business size, from five to 150 employees, from small internet users to 24/7 heavy browsers. We can share data usage among your team, or flex it to your monthly usage. Our solutions are designed to demystify your cost management and evolve with your business long-term, while extending your team’s capabilities.

Telecommunication bills are one of those bills that are not reviewed as often as they should be. In fact they are often neglected and paid without any consideration. Over time these bills are increased by the supplier. With Venue Smart we make it easy for you to review your current pricing and to benefit from honest business. Request a consultation or price online.

Contact us at Venue Smart to have our nearest consultant visit you!

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