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Venue Smart Services Grid

Venue Smart have partnered with the most innovative, professional and service orientated companies in the country. Our partnerships are deep rooted and would have to be if Venue Smart are willing to put our name behind them. Our services grid includes, but is not limited to: ATM solutions, telco packages, EFTPOS solutions, accredited hospitality courses and so much more.

When Venue Smart back our industry leading suppliers providing them with an increased volume of sales the results are win-win. The venue benefits from Venue Smart only rates and support. These suppliers take their respective industries seriously and share similar business values to that of Venue Smart.



SmartCharge EFTPOS

No bank fees or terminal rental! That is right – you will never need to pay bank fees on your merchant service when you use our exclusive surcharge app, exclusive to our terminals. This surcharge app neutralizes your rental and fees. Being bank fee free can save you thousands.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting services provide hosting for websites on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. It follows the utility model of computing in that it is available as a service rather than a product and is therefore comparable with traditional utilities such as electricity and

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Equipment Financing – Asset Finance

Venue Smart have partnered with Geared Asset Finance to offer unbeatable finance options. Geared was established in 2008 as an independent finance company providing its own lending facilities in addition to those of the major banks and alternate finance companies.

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Enterprise Product Development

Enterprise Product Development The new wave of IT is more focused on competitive strategy, business returns on investments and social selling. There are high expectations of delivery from Enterprise Product Development with respect to strategic benefits, unique solutions, differentiation, business process automation and agility to survive in today’s rapidly transforming business situations. Also, the challenge

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App Development

Businesses that are serious about reaching out to their customer base and potential customers cannot ignore the iOS platform. iTunes App Store has over one million apps and is one of the best curated app platform in the market right now.

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Web Development

Online presence has become the necessity for global business for any industry. Web development can help to accomplished it simply in this technology-driven world. In this age of Internet and technology, people can access any kind of product & service online at the snap of a finger. Your business website is the heart of information and helps to interact with your targeted audience swiftly. We at byPeople Technologies offer high quality professional website development services to assist your business to enter into the modern world.

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Amusement Machines – Venue Gaming Machines

The Air Ride is a sleek version of our current 2-player redemption hockey table. Air Ride is perfect for all locations, especially areas with height restrictions.

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Telco Solutions – reduce bills & be NBN ready

The Telephone is often your first point of contact with new customers and a medium through which a significant proportion of your business relationships are conducted. Maximizing its effectiveness requires solid planning and an understanding of your business, its processes and future plans.

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ATM Trailers – Event Trailer

Our national network of members have taken their expertise from improving in-venue ATM services and have re-invented the ATM event trailer. Venue Smart’s event trailer provides your event patrons with state of the art Triton Argo ATMs, phone charging stations (optional) and ultra reliable and accurate breath-testing equipment (optional).

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Venue Smart ATM Network, Venue ATM Solutions

Venue Smart are fast becoming the preferred ATM supplier to the Australian market. It is through direct consultation with each venue owner or decision maker that Venue Smart tailor a fair and honest solution to meet the demands of convenience stores, pubs, clubs, bars, hotels and more.

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Integrated Security Solutions – Supply & Installation

Protecting your employees and assets is a necessary and important part of every business owners risk management plan. The benefits of an integrated security solution not only acts as a major deterrent to thieves and violent assaults but can assist in lowering insurance premiums and covering your obligations to the workplace health and safety of you and your staff.

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