Venue Smart – Triton ATMs

Venue Smart specify a special configuration of Triton ATMs that makes them reliable, robust and suitable for the local climate. With literally hundreds of configuration types Venue Smart have trialed most and in consultation with the engineers in the USA have tailored the ultimate ATM for the Australian and New Zealand market.

Venue Smart hold both single and dual cassette ATMs to cater for their specific markets and applications. All machines are EMV compliant, operate using Version 4 software and can be supplied prepped and ready for use in the market place – private labelled or under the Venue Smart banner.

Operating an ATM fleet through Venue Smart could not be easier with comprehensive insurance, tech support and a spare-parts warranty. Industry low rebate costs allow independent operators to benefit from our network’s significant processing volumes.

Stocks are replenished monthly with container loads imported from the USA.

Contact a friendly Venue Smart representative today to get started 1300 4 VENUE.

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