Our Journey – An Interview with Frank

Our Journey – Frank Vorster

Below are some questions which were asked by a business publication. The answers below outline our journey as Venue Smart.

  1. What’s the story behind Venue Smart?

Venue Smart was originally started as Blow and Go Pty Ltd t/a Blow n Go. Blow n Go’s aim was to supply high-quality wall-mounted breath-testing equipment to hospitality venues (licensed venues) which wanted to provide a safe and reliable way for customers to self-check their BAC whilst sharing in a residual income generated by its use.

This service offering was a huge success and people jumped at the opportunity to join the group. Today this service is provided by our 52 Venue Smart distributors into over 750 venues across Australia and New Zealand. Our substantial yet professionally trained network of distributors created an opportunity for us to expand our products and services horizontally.

We have partnered with the absolute best manufacturers and suppliers to now offer coffee, ATMs, mobile phone charging stations, bank fee free EFTPOS terminals, telecommunication and power packages, security camera supply and installation, amusement machines, POS Systems and to name a few. We already have our next few categories planned out. Every industry we participate in presents another significant passive income stream for our distributors and ultimately the solution our clients have always wanted.

  1. What made you decide to have distributors?

Having distributors has allowed us to expand our infrastructure rapidly and to meet the needs of our customers with dedicated local support. Collectively we are representing a brand which wants to be perceived as the most trusted and reliable venue consultancy company in our active markets. As such we operate distributorships. We offer all the training support and benefits you expect from a franchise without ongoing fees and charges. Collectively we work together as a family and to the ultimate benefit of each other.

  1. Tell us a little about the Venue Smart Market?

Venue Smart was started with a keen focus on the hospitality industry – in particular licensed venues. With the company’s expansion into areas like telecommunications and EFTPOS we are now able to target almost every business in Australia.

  1. What have some of the challenges been in growing your business?

The main challenge we have experienced is managing the company’s growth. It is very important that this rapid expansion and roll out of products and services into each industry is smooth and that all of our distributors are trained accordingly – communication is key!

To assist with this we have appointed a state/territory or island office to help with more localized training. Venue Smart also appoint a category manager for each product and service so as to ensure that our members have a direct point of contact for any information they may require.

Aside from a well-appointed management team we have online portals; for all sales, training and marketing documents as well as the scheduling of equipment servicing. Venue Smart are currently documenting our sales processes as well as filming supporting videos for those more visually effective.

  1. Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

My grandfather has always been my greatest inspiration. I think the value in being named after him meant something very important to me from a very young age. I am appreciative of all of the hard work and sacrifices that he has made in his life to get to where he is today. He is 86 years old and has successfully supported his family in every way. It is my regular talks with him and ongoing words of encouragement that drive my desire to succeed. I celebrate every milestone with him and place significant value on every moment I spend with him.

  1. What are some of the advantages in being a Venue Smart Distributor?

Venue Smart is one of a kind. We have decided to part-take in some of the most profit driven industries in the world and compete directly with some of the largest players there are – with resounding success. We have a huge advantage when approaching clients, our low buying cost and access to nine different revenues streams gives everybody an opportunity to expand there business and set themselves and there families up for the future.

Venue Smart distributors have the ability to package products and services together to pass on value to the customer, compete with anyone else in any single market and preserve profits across the package to ensure they remain profitable.

  1. What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Distributorship?

Take your time to make sure the opportunity is right for you and be ready to work. If you are looking to change your future the opportunity is here for you to consider. This business is ideally suited to those who want to work now so they can kick back and profit from their efforts well into retirement.

  1. What’s one important lesson you have learned from being in business?

The most important consideration in business is the people you choose to surround yourself with. We take the relationships with our suppliers very seriously so as to protect our distributors but we also take our internal culture and drive for success into account when selecting our distributors.

  1. Where do you see Venue Smart in 10 years time?

Venue Smart have a few acquisitions and expansions planned during the year of 2017 that will see the business servicing over 3,000 direct accounts. This alone is an indication of what is to come. Currently we are expanding into Hollywood, USA.

  1. In your opinion, why do you think that Venue Smart would be a great opportunity for someone?

Our track history with our distributors speaks for itself. The opportunities are plentiful and the training, support and marketing are our specialty. We have equipment siting teams that can assist with a rapid entry into market for any new distributors and our portfolio is forever expanding. This means you can continually revisit existing customers to offer them new and exciting things knowing confidently that you are adding value to your business.