Our Approach

Venue Smart’s members are not sales people. Our approach is unique. As a group with access to the resources, finances and infrastructure of over 15 businesses we have an incredible ability to bundle multiple services into packages that benefit our customers. Ultimately our aim is to partner with store and venue owners to improve their bottom-line. Our partnerships are long-term.

Venue Smart do this by considering the current arrangements our prospective customers have with their current suppliers. This includes the suppliers across a number of industries. This enables us to tailor a package to best suit the needs of the business, reduce the number of suppliers a venue has to deal with but also strategically improve the bottom-line of the business.

Speaking with one of our consultants allows venue owners and managers to voice their concerns regarding their most troublesome suppliers and hospitality solutions. Rectifying these headaches is what we do!

Venue Smart do not treat stores like they are all the same. We understand that every customer is different. One such bundle may include: a highly profitable ATM contract, phone charging station and breathalyser. It would not be uncommon for us to provide 20kg of free coffee beans every month private labelled for the venue for the term of the contract. This is our way to say thank you to our customers.

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Getting Bank Fee Free Eftpos was the best decision! It simply has not been an issue to pass on the surcharge and with the sheer amount of EFT transactions now we are happy we made the decision to do it! Belinda – AHA VIC (Member and Councillor).

Bank Fee Free – Hotel Barkly
Owner, Hotel Barkly (Melbourne)

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