Company Overview

Venue Smart owes its humble beginnings to the redesign of Henan Hanwei’s breath-testing products which made them suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand. This process allowed Blow and Go Pty Ltd t/a Venue Smart to launch a revolutionary, certified and affordable breathalyser into a primed market. With an increase in RBTs, drink driving penalties and pressure on venues to limit the amount of alcohol served to individuals the timing could not have been better.

The profitability of these units enabled Venue Smart to explode around the coverage with a presence in almost every state within a period of six months. The nature of the product saw our members embrace customer service and attend each venue fortnightly to service the equipment. This allowed us to build strong and personal relationships with company decision makers.

The venue decision makers over time asked our members for additional products or services that would solve their headaches or increase customer satisfaction. Soon enough Venue Smart was considered the go-to for problem solving. With this in mind Venue Smart have continued to hold a mutually beneficial relationship with venue owners – as partners. This is what our competition do not understand – we are here to help venues and not to take advantage of them.

The Venue Smart Approach

Venue Smart’s members are not sales people. Our approach is unique. As a group with access to the resources, finances and infrastructure of over 15 businesses we have an incredible ability to bundle multiple services into packages that benefit our customers. Ultimately our aim is to partner with store and venue owners to improve their bottom-line. Our partnerships are long-term.

Venue Smart do this by considering the current arrangements our prospective customers have with their current suppliers. This includes the suppliers across a number of industries. This enables us to tailor a package to best suit the needs of the business, reduce the number of suppliers a venue has to deal with but also strategically improve the bottom-line of the business.

Speaking with one of our consultants allows venue owners and managers to voice their concerns regarding their most troublesome suppliers and hospitality solutions. Rectifying these headaches is what we do!

Our mission

Venue Smart and its members have clear motives:

  • Reduce venue expenditure
  • Add revenue streams that do not already exist
  • Help the venue to attract and retain customers
  • Reduce ongoing headaches with other suppliers (by replacing them)
  • Share with venue decision makers strategies that have worked elsewhere
  • Increase customer satisfaction (building loyalty)
  • Satisfy venues so that they refer more business to us

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We have installed an EFTPOS Terminal from Venue Smart approx 2 months ago. It has operated exactly as they explained and we now no longer have to monitor our compliance with Credit Card Surcharges as this is all part of the Venue Smart terminal and arrangement. Great service and great product, I would recommend this terminal to all businesses.

Platinum175 EFTPOS
Director, Platinum175

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