ChargeSafe – Product Launch

Venue Smart are excited to help our industry partners to launch a new and exciting product into the Australian market this week. The Chargesafe! ChargeSafe is a world leading vending solution for recharging phones. With 5 secure lockers and tap and go payment technology, this modern and stylish wall mounted unit provides substantial recurring revenue and deep data analysis for performance optimization.


Everyone wants and needs to recharge their phones to stay connected with the rest of the world. Businesses owners want to increase dwell time and drive foot traffic. While Staff want to focus on providing exceptional experiences, without the distraction of running around looking for extra outlets, charging cables, or babysitting phones.

Providing a highly secure and private charging amenity demonstrates that your institution is technology-forward, customer-centric and focused on innovation.

Why should you offer charging to customers?

  1. Keeps visitors connected with travel apps
  2. Keep visitors entertained during long waits
  3. Decreases customers’ perceived wait times
  4. Generates higher visitor satisfaction
  5. Reduces the number of complaints
  6. Modernises your facilities

Chargebar Features at a Glance

  • Charges 100% of devices
  • Lightning fast charging speed
  • Apple MFi certified products
  • Optional custom branding on all products
  • Industrial grade quality to withstand heavy usage

And best of all it’s a absolutely hassle free revenue generator.


  • 4 x Apple Lightning DIMENSION (iPhone 5/6/7)
  • 4 x Micro USB (Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc)
  • 1 x Type C (Samsung Galaxy Note)
  • 1 x Apple Legacy (iPhone 2/3/4)
  • Contact-less Credit Card Payment Terminal
  • 12 in Digital Display
  • Wall Mounted


  • 770mm (H) x 160mm (D) x 330mm (W)


Apply by emailing 

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