Chargesafe brought to you by Venue Smart

Venue Smart are proud to announce the successful launch of the Chargesafe category. Our members have facilitated the purchase, distribution and installation of more than $500,000 worth of product, installation and configuration. This marks one of Venue Smart’s most aggressive product launches yet!

Currently product is installed and operating in QLD, NT, NSW, VIC, ACT, SA and WA. With blanket coverage in most CBDs the product is gaining significant traction and representation! The innovative Chargesafe has removed a nightmare for venue management and has resulted in a trouble-free revenue stream at the same time.

The Chargesafe:

The Chargesafe free-to-venue-model is simple and unique to Venue Smart. Apply for a unit to be installed in your venue, have a representative attend and discuss the flexible terms within the arrangement and then have it installed at a prevalent location in your venue. It is that simple!


With Venue Smart investing in the equipment it makes it an easy decision for venue owners! For more information about this product or some of our others please email we would love to hear from you!