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Venue Smart Introduction

Venue Smart is a business that allows its franchisees to achieve financial freedom. Being your own business owner and working your own hours will no longer be a luxury but rather a reality. Congratulations on taking your first step to achieving these goals for yourself.

Venue Smart’s attention to detail and extensive on-ground service agents has allowed Venue Smart to become the largest distribution network of ATMs, breath-testing equipment, mobile charging stations and many other products in Australia. Venue Smart aim to bring service back to industries that have been left dormant, these industries include but are not limited to;

  • ATMs (static & event trailers),
  • Phone Charging Stations,
  • POS Systems,
  • Amusement Machines,
  • Breathalysers,
  • EFTPOS Terminals,
  • Web-development,
  • Coffee, and so much more.


Becoming a Venue Smart Franchise can be highly rewarding. Majority of Venue Smart’s revenue streams allow our members to earn passively. This means franchisees can continue to benefit from ongoing revenue with little to no ongoing servicing required. The ongoing passive returns of this business and the flexibility of operations makes this opportunity perfect for those looking to transition from a standard 9-5 day to owning their own business and working their own hours or to start immediately as full-time. Our comprehensive franchise training teaches you how to source your own leads on top of benefiting from head office sourced leads and networks.


We provide our network of representatives with the most affordable ATM franchise options in Australia whilst providing an entirely turnkey solution across our many categories. Some such benefits relating to the ATM category include but are not limited to; access to unsecured cash for your static and event equipment, equipment leasing options, equipment and cash insurance, free spare parts, low-rate transaction processing, installation options, tech-support and much more.

Operating an ATM business is very rewarding and can be extremely profitable. With the assistance of their state & head offices Venue Smart Franchisees are trained to assess the profitability of each placement and taught how to best manage the site to ensure the greatest return on investment whilst allowing them to scale their business with ease.

Franchisees who participate in the servicing of events with their ATM equipment can run up to 10 events a week. This is achieved by relocating their ATM trailer(s) between events. Franchisees can reliably earn between $8-9,000 a month simply servicing their clients over the weekend.

Franchisees could earn back their entire upfront investment with as little as 13,700 event transactions or 17,500 static ATM transactions. For a more detailed breakdown of how this breakeven point is calculated – contact our team at .


With the major bank removing the bulk of their ATM equipment over the previous months and coming years the time has never been better to establish your own ATM business in Australia. With that in mind it is clear we are seeing a push for digital payments which is why Venue Smart have extended their product offering to include EFTPOS solutions. This allows our Franchisees to make money off almost every transaction that occurs within an establishment. Our EFTPOS product is unique and allows the venue and customer to win.

SmartCharge EFTPOS terminals pass on microscopic surcharge amounts to the end consumer so that the merchant can entirely neutralize their fees. By doing this the merchant can save 1000s of dollars in fees.

With these terminals the customer pays slightly more for the convenience of paying by card. This allows the merchant to keep their prices stable and not increase their prices proportionate to the bank fee increases on every sale item. Instead the customer is not penalized and pays the transactional fee only once.

Franchisees can earn back their entire investment in the first year focusing on only the EFTPOS category by signing up $3,894,000 worth of monthly terminal processing. That equates to 39 medium sized accounts or 14 large accounts. For a more detailed breakdown of how this breakeven point is calculated – contact our team at .


Venue Smart owes its humble beginnings to the certifying, distribution and sales of wall-mounted breathalyser equipment. Aside from allowing Australians to self-test before driving the equipment also generates a healthy passive income for the equipment owner. Machines generate anywhere between $40 and $200 each month.

The Venue Smart Difference

Venue Smart have a media broker agreement in place that allows members to benefit from additional revenue streams with little to no extra work. This helps to round off the whole opportunity and enables franchisees to recoup their investment faster. The advertising revenue varies and is unique to Venue Smart. The advertising is displayed across out ATM, breathalyser and phone charging solutions.

The Franchisee Package $50,000.00 + GST

  • Ready to-go ATM Trailer
  • Two owned outright ATMs
  • Territory
  • Polos
  • Business Cards
  • Three days comprehensive training

Benefit from an existing and proven business system:



Operating a Franchise

The good news is that operating a Venue Smart Franchise does not require significant ongoing operating expenses outside of what each equipment item requires (case by case basis). You can simply make use of your existing mobile phone number and the equipment can typically be stores at your home. There is no need to rent a premise, pay wages or commit to other long-term liabilities.

With Venue Smart all website hosting, email hosting and online marketing are taken care of. A franchise can very easily be operated by a single individual – that being the business owner. Franchisees are simply required to undertake a product and public liability insurance policy and to cover their own accounting fees which would equate to only ~$2,000.00 per annum.

Advertising fees are capped at $590.00 per month starting three months after the franchise commences. This cost includes marketing in your territory and a yearly conference

No KPIs are set with your franchise. Therefore, you are free to scale your business as you wish with no undue targets and stress.

Franchisee Requirements:

  • This franchise is suitable for you if you are confident, charismatic and do not mind establishing new sales leads by way of “door-knocking” and digital forms of communication.
  • A very good comprehension of the English language.
  • Basic computer competency skills.
  • The ability to pay for the full buy-in.
  • Can follow clear instruction.
  • Have a vehicle.
  • Supply a Police Check.

This business suits people who want to:

  • Earn ongoing cash income through a low cost, low maintenance business
  • Earn significant profits through a reliable cash flow business
  • Have a work lifestyle balance
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Have no previous experience required, we give you all the tools and support to succeed

Available Territories:

With over 50 active franchisees around Australia we still have territory in which representation is needed. A list of these locations is outlined below:


  • Brisbane North
  • Widebay District (for sale)
  • Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast South
  • Mackay
  • Brisbane South


New South Wales

  • Tweed Heads
  • Byron Bay
  • Sydney CBD
  • Parramatta
  • Dubbo
  • Wollongong
  • Newcastle
  • Ballina
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Hunter Valley



  • North West Suburbs Melbourne
  • Yarra Valley Region
  • South West Melbourne
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Bendigo
  • Ballarat


South Australia

  • State Office $95,000.00
  • Adelaide North
  • Adelaide Central
  • Adelaide South
  • Eastern South Australia
  • Western South Australia
  • Central South Australia
  • Murray Bridge
  • Mount Gambier
  • Willunga


Western Australia

  • Albany and Surrounds
  • Central Western Australia
  • Bunbury Region
  • Armadale
  • Perth East
  • Perth CBD
  • Perth West
  • Joondalup
  • Ellenbrooks
  • North Western Australia


Northern Territory

  • Currently at Capacity


“This is a self-managed role that has a, very real, high earning potential to set you and your family up for the future. You have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s business so you’re not only working hard to position your own financial situation at the same time you’re helping others and this is very, very rewarding.” Scott Simpson, Northern Territory.

“I became a distributor with the Venue Smart team in October 2014, I was surprised with the positive response I received from the venues I approached. I had been looking for something for 6 months that had great upside potential with very little risk involved – very pleased with my investment thus far.” Christopher John Melbourne, Victoria.


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